Monday, August 25, 2014

Journey to SummerSlam: Destruction of The Shield on WWE Network

Photo Credit: Logopedia
Aside from giving us all the PPVs and other content from the WWE vault, this Shield special is exactly the kind of programming I want to see on WWE Network.  If you don't have the Network or did not see this yet you are really missing out. 

The basic premise is that they are documenting each rising star's journey to SummerSlam while also recounting their journey to WWE in general.  At an hour long it could certainly be longer, but you don't walk away from it feeling you didn't get your money's worth either. 

Rollins journey obviously talks about his time in Ring of Honor and the heat he had with WWE officials while he was in FCW.

Reigns touches on his family heritage and road from high school and college football standout to WWE.  They even got some footage of him from "Georgia Tech University" which is a party foul as Georgia Tech is the Georgia Institute of Technology.  On that topic it was pretty funny hearing Reggie Ball get namechecked on WWE programming.  We're talking about former GT QB Reggie Ball.  Whose claims to fame are forcing Calvin Johnson to make spectacular receptions and throwing it away on 4th down against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Ambrose's story in some ways is the most interesting as it covers his time on the deathmatch scene, but in a somewhat family-friendly way.

Excellent show and exactly the type of thing I'd love to continue to see on WWE Network alongside the old DVDs, current and archived PPVs, etc.  Of course the fact that you can view this at any time you want and for only $9.99 a month is a bonus as well.