Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cena's Push Towards Night of Champions and Tim Tebow

I'm going to pull a Deadspin here and comment on something in the abstract before I actually watch the end of Monday's RAW.  I criticized them for their article on that UFC card where Dana White removed a judge during the show, but I will admit I'm doing something similar right now.

Having plainly stated that I did not actually watch RAW yet let me give you a taste of what bothers me about Cena's push towards Night of Champions.  I will do a follow-up on this post once I am able to sit and watch Cena on RAW in the next couple days.

Here's how I tackled it on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling) once I read the results for the rest of the show on Tuesday.

So WWE could have made John Cena interesting but just had him dominate Bray Wyatt instead. Super.

Main gripe there isn't necessarily about John Cena and his stale character, but it's really about Bray Wyatt. I'm the first to say that Bray Wyatt at this point seems pretty bulletproof, but it just seems counterproductive at this point to select Bray and his Family as the sacrificial lambs to put over Cena. It's especially frustrating when you just had that SummerSlam match where Bray went over Jericho one-on-one with no shenanigans. I was hoping that was a turn towards a more serious build for Wyatt, but if it was this was just as big a step back.
A month is too short to do the Cena redemption or Rocky 2 story. Having him destroy everyone on the way to another loss helps no one at all.

I see the logic in having a John Cena with a renewed vigor and focus training his butt off and doing everything that it takes to topple Brock Lesnar. That makes perfect sense. There's a couple of problems with it in the short-term though. One thing is that as usual John Cena comes out with his standard Tim Tebow "nobody will try harder" promo. Just like the feud with Bray Wyatt didn't really seem to phase him his domination at the hands of Brock Lesnar didn't really either. Second, the rubber match as it were is far too soon. Have Cena go away for a bit while he sorts things out. OK, that probably won't happen, but how about you have Cena take another approach at regaining his confidence or whatever while still appearing on RAW? That would work. If Lesnar has to defend at NoC then give someone a month's build to feed to the Beast Incarnate. Anything but Cena at this point is what we need at NoC.
So right now you either have Cena clown everybody on the way to another Lesnar loss or Cena beats Lesnar. Both options suck.

This is the ultimate issue. It feels like either way they go about this is counterproductive. You put Cena strong over everybody (so business as usual for the last 10 years or whatever) and marginalize your roster even further as it relates to main event credibility. The even worse option here is that it turns out that John Cena goes from being dominated at SummerSlam to avenging his loss at Night of Champions. That's a missed opportunity to freshen up John Cena. I am under no misguided notion that Cena will ever turn heel. To me, that's not even worth discussing any longer. That said, continuing to trot out the same old John Cena for the foreseeable future just isn't a palatable scenario. Something needs to change with him. I had high hopes that Bray Wyatt's Joker to Cena's Batman might do it, but sadly that wasn't the case.  Something needs to be shaken up about John Cena.  Give him an edge, have his confidence shaken, something....anything.

Honestly, if Cena beats Lesnar and continues down that Tim Tebow character path it will be just as bad as Triple H's and Hollywood Hogan's tired reigns of terror.  That's just not something I care to see any longer in WWE.  Not saying I won't watch because I will, but it would make the lack of character development for John Cena just that much more frustrating.