Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alberto Del Rio's Release

Certainly not news by now, but I figured I should try to collect my thoughts from the usual places such as A1 and WCMB about the release of Alberto Del Rio.

Let's start with my thoughts on Del Rio in general.  The guy was always money in the ring, but was also an easy guy to overlook once his initial push fizzled.  The original vignettes he did were on point and the initial packaging of the gimmick were also perfect.  The Spanish introduction, the fancy car, the music, the incessant honking of the horn and the talk of his "destiny" were all perfect.  Once some of that was stripped away it really hurt ADR imho.

As far as his release went it surprised me in the same way the Dudley Boyz did.  They weren't necessarily a hot act at the time, but they were always a part of the show and they were guys I didn't see going anywhere.  Honestly, they were guys that were easy to take for granted.  Del Rio is in that same situation.  He's been used as a utility guy lately and because he's so good in the ring that worked for him.  You need a guy with credibility to fill out a multi-man match?  Put in Del Rio.  You need a long, quality match on TV?  Del Rio's your guy.

Getting into the hows and whys of his release is the most controversial aspect.  I'm sure you've heard by now, but allegedly a member of the social media staff made a comment about how it was Del Rio's job to clean off people's plates.  Del Rio gets wind of this and confronts the guy, this individual is unapologetic and smirks at him.  Del Rio slaps him for his disrespect.  Two things, if true that guy had it coming and that still doesn't excuse Del Rio's behavior.  Of course, because people are terrified of the idea that they are "being worked" there are some claims that the whole thing is a storyline.  I don't believe that for a second, but that idea is floating out there.

Of course, when anyone from WWE is released the "next TNA champion" jokes start flying.  In this case, TNA could do a lot worse than bringing in a guy like ADR.  Now I'm not saying that he would be a difference maker because I'm not sure anyone can actually move the needle in TNA.  I will say that he's got the talent to anchor TNA and can go in the ring so it makes a ton of sense.

If the allegations are true this is an unfortunate situation and while not someone at the front of people's minds I think ADR will be missed.  South Atlanta Wrestling certainly wishes him luck in his future endeavors which is more than WWE did. 

FWIW, here's an article from PWMania that has more about the individual slapped, etc.