Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sting Has Finally Arrived In A WWE Video Game

What is wrestling about, if not emotion? WWE 2K15's new Twitter campaign includes the hashtag #FEELIT. The crowd in Virginia certainly felt it when WWE played the ad for Sting's inclusion in this year’s edition of WWE 2K. Despite all the rumors and even Sting’s 7-14-14 tease it still came across as a huge moment for Sting’s fans. The video was simple, haunting and effective. It set the tone beautifully for Sting’s first true introduction to the WWE Universe. Even if Sting never sets foot in a WWE ring they made him look like a million bucks last night. I, for one, am glad to have him working with WWE to some degree or another. Even if his days as an active wrestler are over I am all for seeing him in video games, interview, action figures and other merchandise. That’s the greatest benefit to having Sting aligned with WWE at this point. They will be able to manage his legacy in a way that no other wrestling promotion can and that’s a good thing.

A personal highlight last night was my seven year old son whipping around after the video was over and saying, “We HAVE to pre-order that!” I assured him that I was already going to handle that. Without a word he hustled into his room and hustled back out with his Sting figure in hand. It’s times like these that take me back to sharing wrestling with my dad and I hope my boy has similar warm thoughts about it as he grows older.

I will be interested to see what the Sting/WWE relationship looks like going forward. They do have an official Sting scorpion shirt for sale on WWE Shop. Hopefully this means that the proposed Sting DVD/Blu-ray set will have interviews and a story aspect to it as opposed to simply a collection of matches. It will be interesting to hear him reflect on his career as well as why now as the time to work with WWE.

For Sting fans and fans of the WWE video game this is certainly an exciting time. When push comes to shove that’s what I want from my wrestling. 

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