Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Let me start by saying that I enjoy both guys tremendously, but it seems that there is a certain amount of discussion online about which guy is really the bigger star or has the bigger upside.

For me, the discussion typically hinges on whether people saw Ambrose as Jon Moxley prior to his WWE arrival.  Those folks are pretty adamant that Ambrose is the real deal.

On the other hand, you have the camp that says Roman Reigns is the one with the star look and the true "It Factor."  I fall more in that camp, but can certainly see that Ambrose also has a ton of potential especially now that he's no longer bound by The Shield gimmick.

Neither side is wrong really because like I said I think both guys can be franchise players for WWE.  I do think that Roman Reigns is at least a tick above Ambrose though.  One reason for this is that he captures your attention by simply being onscreen.  He doesn't have to do anything or say anything and you can tell that guy looks like a star.  To that point I got Dad to watch wrestling with me while we were in Alabama this weekend.  We watched the UniversalHD replays of RAW and SmackDown. When Reigns first appeared the conversation went like this:
  • Dad:  Who's that?
  • Me: That's Roman Reigns, the guy who played at Georgia Tech I told you about.
  • Dad:  He's pretty cool.  He looks like he'd be a big deal.  
That's just an anecdote and doesn't  prove anything, but it does speak to Reigns' "It Factor" I think.  Now in fairness he asked about Ambrose and I mentioned that some say he's kind of working a Roddy Piper/Terry Funk/Dick Slater vibe and he said, "I can see that" and dug that as well.

The point here is that while both guys have definite star potential I really do think Reigns has a bit of a leg up on Ambrose.  That look and that innate charisma are a large part of it.

"Believe in Roman Reigns." 

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