Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Realism in Wrestling

Lately I've just found my self completely annoyed with the level of discourse surrounding pro-wrestling.  It's gotten so bad that I often struggle with even Tweeting during shows because I honestly just get irritated with reading a lot of the stuff out there.  It's not that people disagree with me that bothers me.  It's the specific types of criticisms I see.  It's the nitpicking that drives me crazy.

Most of it centers right around the idea of "realism."

The latest specific example is that Stephanie McMahon's arrest segment wasn't realistic.  Who freaking cares?  It was well done in my opinion.  It wasn't over-the-top corny and Stephanie didn't go full ham or anything.  The way it started was interesting in that it wasn't even the focus of the show.  Then as it went on with her employee and her pleading with the officer it got more interesting.  As the crowd realized what was happening they really got into it and they built this ringside happening into a really hot segment.

The fact is that while I appreciate a certain level of realism in my wrestling it is still meant to be dramatic.  You know what?  Sometimes realism is boring.  Sometimes realism doesn't make for good TV.  I just think the obsession with watching a wrestling show and criticizing every little thing due to a lack of realism is beyond tired.

If it's entertaining and makes sense in context that is good enough for me. 

Sometimes, "That's wrestling!" is good enough for me.  Honestly, I think a lot of you'd enjoy the show more if you could just adopt a similar mindset.