Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Hulk Hogan Means to 80's Fans

Below is the text of a post I made on WCMB about some thoughts on the Hulk Hogan.

I'm 36 and grew to hate Hogan during his time in WCW as Hollywood Hogan. I don't mean in a "he's a bad guy I will boo him" way either. I just wanted him off my TV.

At this point though I look at him with a lot of nostalgia as the guy who was as close to a real-life superhero we had when I was a kid. I mean as I grew up I realized I loved Ric Flair and that he is my favorite wrestler of all time. As a kid in the 80's though I despised Ric Flair and the Horsemen, but idolized Hulk Hogan.

Regardless what people think of how he negatively impacted the craft itself I think he deserves a ton of credit for his contributions to the business during his incredible run in the 80's and even his huge heel run in 90's WCW (even though I quickly grew tired of him there).

I repeated that he was like a real-life superhero to my son so often that he's now a huge fan even. It's true if you think about it.

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