Thursday, June 12, 2014

Latest WWE Releases

WWE has finally gotten to their latest round of releases and only one of these names may come as a surprise:
  1. Aksana
  2. Curt Hawkins
  3. Theodore Long
  4. Camacho
  5. Brodus Clay
  6. Evan Bourne
  7. Yoshi Tatsu
  8. Jinder Mahal
  9. Drew McIntyre
  10. JTG
  11. Marc Harris (referee)
This is straight from WWE so it is 100% legit.

The timing on Evan Bourne's release might be a bit surprising since it seems he could've been released a while back.

Brodus Clay's name is in bold simply because he is the one that surprised me the most.  I know he's been off TV for the most part since Tons of Funk ended and Tensai/Sweet T left the ring, but I figured he'd be back at some point.  If nothing else I figured they might drop the heel turn and bring him back as a low to midcard comedy/crowd participation guy.

As for Teddy Long I kind of hope that this is a mutual thing.  I've always liked Teddy and hope things work out for him.  I read that he's 66 years old so hopefully he is kind of in retirement mode.

Camacho was a guy who I liked from what little I saw as Hunico's bodyguard.  Being the Son of Meng is pretty cool too.

Anyhow, best of luck to all of them.  Also the list will be modified throughout the day as more releases become official.  The first 7 were in the original post.  Everything from 8 down will be the additional names that are released.

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