Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Early Impressions of the Splintered Shield

The Shield finally split last week in a way that I don't believe any or many of us saw coming.  Let's take a look at how each member looks after week one of the big split.

SETH ROLLINS:  Seth's appearance was decent enough.  Nothing blew me away but it accomplished what it needed to.  I was kind of perplexed by the "His turn made no sense" crowd all of last week because Triple H's unique ability to offer real power and wealth beyond your dreams is tailor made to explain a turn like Rollins.  People will say, "Well the timing made no sense."  Honestly, when was Triple H going to be more determined and /or desperate to make a deal with Rollins?  When was Rollins going to have more leverage for greater power and riches?  You may not like the turn, but arguing it is illogical is just absolutely silly.  Back to his segment last night I thought it surprising that Seth actually looked like he wanted to fight initially.  I kind of figured that Trips may blindside one or both of Seth's former "brothers" too.  Some didn't like Rollins playing a chickenbleep heel.  Considering he was facing two nasty, ticked off dudes and the fact he KNEW what they were capable of allows me to give that a pass.  Last night wasn't a home run for Rollins, but it was all that was needed at this time.  I'm cautiously optimistic that better things are ahead for The Shield's former Architect. 

DEAN AMBROSE:  I've long held that Dean Ambrose is kind of the least of the three Hounds of Justice.  Just as often I've been told that he is probably the most talented and complex of the three.  The argument has been that in order to fit the mold he's had to temper his ability a bit.  After last night's RAW I can certainly see the argument that Ambrose has been holding back or has been held back.  Seth Rollins' turn on his "brothers" allowed Dean Ambrose to go somewhere we haven't seen from him since The Shield's arrival.  I, for one, was impressed.  Dean's promo had loads of intensity and while it may have brushed up against it the promo also never went into that "too hammy" area that I think he often visits.  The threats were oddly specific kind of like an old Road Warrior Hawk promo and the sense of betrayal was palpable.  Excellent work out of Ambrose and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us now that he will be given a larger part of the spotlight.

ROMAN REIGNS:  Reigns is my favorite of the bunch obviously.  He can certainly talk and his promo wasn't bad by any stretch, but I think WWE is doing him a disservice by having him talk too much.  Honestly, I would have had him follow up Dean Ambrose's promo with a sentence or two.  Even better I think silence would have been the most effective avenue for Reigns.  I know people buy into these ideas that "top guys" all have to be able to do "these things," but for Roman Reigns I really believe being a cool tough guy is all he needs to do.  The crowd was way into him last night before he even opened his mouth.  Sometimes less is more and I think we need to hear less from Roman in the future.

All in all, I'm really torn on the splitting of The Shield.  I agree there was a ton of mileage left in the unit.  That being said I know I anticipated last night's RAW more than any other RAW in recent memory.  Ultimately I believe that splitting the group will allow all three men, but especially Rollins and Ambrose to flourish more.  I certainly hope that's the case at least.

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