Monday, May 5, 2014


Extreme Rules was an excellent show last night.  The big matches delivered and even the nonsense like WeeLC worked.

Looking at some of the specifics from last night:
  • The Kane/Bryan main event was a fun throwback to the Attitude Era-style main events including a forklift and a flaming table.  I haven't been as down on the whole idea of a Kane/Bryan feud as many because a) I like Kane and b) it works for me since the two share a history.  While I did not care for Corporate Kane at all I will admit that it has helped freshen up the Devil's Favorite Demon.  The whole deal with him turning into KANE! when he gets or is given his mask back is kind of cool too.
  • Bray Wyatt/John Cena was another fun one.  "Little Johnny" was initially very creepy and worked for me.  Later when they continued to have him talk and did the voice distortion I kind of thought it was too over-the-top.  Either way this was an excellent chapter in the feud and helped progress the story.  I really enjoyed Harper and Rowan's involvement in the cage match as well.  While there were some odd aspects of the match such as, "Why is Cena continuing to attempt to escape?" which the commentators finally acknowledged, it was still a lot of fun.  It should be added that Luke Harper especially deserves a ton of credit for helping the whole Wyatt Family succeed.  His crazy eyes and mannerisms add a nice bit of sizzle to the whole gimmick.  I cannot wait to see where we are going tonight at RAW with this feud.
  • Match of the night was The Shield vs Evolution.   It was chaotic in a good way.  The brawl up into the crowd and Seth Rollins' leap from above was great.  Reigns putting down Batista was a nice touch as well.  I'm not sure what the future holds for Evolution, but the sky is the limit for The Shield.  Between how he has put over Daniel Bryan and now The Shield, I also think it's time for the Angry Nerd Brigade (of which I am often a member) to drop the whole "Triple H is burying everyone" thought process.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Intercontinental Title match.  Had Wade Barrett not previously held that title multiple times and done nothing with it I'd probably be more excited.  This push for Barrett does feel different though.  Hopefully Bad News Barrett is here to stay and brighter days are ahead of him.  On that same note I hope they can get Big E fired back up too.  He has suffered tremendously from the whole Secondary Champion Syndrome.
  • As far as Cesaro/Swagger and RVD I'll just say the right guy got the win.
  • WeeLC was a lot of fun for something that sounded like absolute stupidity when it was announced.
  • The Women's Title match was decent.  I don't really rate those, but Paige was put over convincingly.  That's how a champion needs to be treated.
  • Handicap matches are the worst thing, but I did like the psychology of Rusev putting Woods out before the match.  That made it more bearable.  The match was what it was and I hate to say I'm not too optimistic for Rusev and Lana at this point.  Hopefully I'm wrong though.
This was a great example of why I love WWE Network.  I never could have afforded to buy a random PPV like Extreme Rules.  Now that I'm committed to WWE Network I am looking forward to these special events that we formerly referred to as PPVs.  I'm looking forward to RAW tonight so you can say the show delivered.