Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daniel Bryan's WWE World Heavyweight Titles

Now I know some of this was addressed on RAW last night, but yesterday at work I was thinking about this neck injury situation with Daniel Bryan and how I would deal with it.  Going out on a limb here, but I doubt this would be a popular suggestion, but I think this is what WWE should do.

To me, since he'll be gone for a couple of months you have to strip him of the title.  This may not have been the case had you not so openly discussed the neck surgery and started down this road of, "What do we do with the championship?"  So, in my opinion, you have to take the belt off of Bryan.

At that point you have to figure out who to give it to and I've heard some quality suggestions.  Some think you need to give it to a rising star like Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns.  While I am all for the idea of either of those guys becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion I don't think that's the right play.  I think given the story you're telling the right guy to give it to is Kane.  How?  Honestly, I'd just hand it to him although a tournament might not be a bad idea either.  The reason I would hand it to him is to continue to play on the idea that Stephanie McMahon realizes she has made a mistake by releasing The Devil's Favorite Demon.  She either gives him the belt to placate him or he destroys everyone on the way to a tournament win.  Either way is fine, but I think you can spare your roster to some degree by just handing him the belt.

Putting the belt on Kane is probably not high on many people's lists, but I figure it this way.  Why not give a good soldier like Kane a "gold watch" title run?  Secondly, you've already got the hot John Cena vs Wyatt Family and Shield vs Evolution feuds going on at the top of the card so having WWE World Heavyweight Champion the caliber of Kane isn't a huge issue.

So how does this affect Daniel Bryan?  That's the best part.  After being handed the title fails to satisfy Kane and after he has left a wake of broken WWE SuperStars in his path you have Stephanie turn to the one man who might be able to stop him...Daniel Bryan.

Why?  It gets the belt back on Bryan and more importantly it's kind of a nice way to put a bow on this whole Authority vs Daniel Bryan angle.  Stephanie finally realizes he's an A+ player.  At that point both Stephanie and Bryan can move on to different things and it gives you some measure of a logical reason why suddenly they are OK with Daniel Bryan being WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Face of the WWE.

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