Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sting's WWE Network Appearance

Obviously you've already heard about the Stinger making a brief appearance on Warrior Week's Greatest Matches tribute to the Ultimate Warrior.  This was the special that aired Tuesday night on WWE Network.  While not a huge deal or even necessarily a sign that Sting is officially coming to WWE in any capacity it was a cool moment.  If you haven't heard or watched it yet he basically told a very brief and odd story about Warrior.

The story goes that Ultimate Warrior took tuna fish and orange juice (tasty, right?) put it in a blender and drank it.  Once he was done he said, "I just got my protein and Vitamin C ALL AT ONCE!"

Funny story, nauseating concoction.  No matter if it means anything long term as it relates to Sting and WWE it was good to see him in something other than archive footage on WWE Network.

As an aside here is the message that shared from Warrior's widow, Dana.  Classy message.  No matter how you feel about Warrior you have to feel for a family that is dealing with something like this I would think.  Her touching on how they dealt with and felt about the Ultimate Memorial on RAW was interesting and heartbreaking. 

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