Thursday, March 13, 2014

The WWE Hall of Fame Is NOT Just for WWE SuperStars

Just posted this sort of ran on WCMB.  It amazes me that people haven't gotten over this yet.
I'm not sure why so many people are still hung up on the idea that you had to have a WWE run to end up in the WWE HOF. That's clearly not the case and it baffles me that people still cling to that misguided notion. It is readily apparent that WWE is not interested in sticking to that criteria and I think they should be applauded for that.

Beyond that arguing about who is or isn't deserving to get into their HOF is an exercise in futility. They are going to induct who they want under whatever circumstances they choose. My suggestion is to just watch the ceremony and the induction videos and enjoy it for what it is.
Seriously, if you're still hung up on this I think you really need to "DEAL. WITH. IT."*

*Please read this as if Batista is saying it. Thank you.

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