Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Washington Post Interviews Roman Reigns

The Washington Post ran a brief interview with WWE and The Shield's Roman Reigns.  He touches on some interesting aspects of his path from college football as a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to becoming a WWE SuperStar. I love his answer about seeking individual success.
You’re experiencing team success, but you’ve had individual moments that stand out. You keep getting mentioned as a main eventer and future champion. Where do you see this going?

I’ve always pictured myself being in the main event. It’s always been my expectation to be the top guy, the face of the company, the one with all of that responsibility. But that should be everybody’s goal. I didn’t get into this to just be in the middle of the pack. If you want to do that, go work in a different line of work. This isn’t the place to camouflage yourself. I’m trying to be the most exotic animal on this safari.
Another point of interest was why he wasn't given or you could say saddled with the stereotypical wild Samoan gimmick.
When you turned to wrestling, you didn’t go with a Samoan name, character or outfit, as so many from your family have. Was that your decision?

It was a process. Of course, immediately the thought was: “He’s Samoan, so let’s run with that.” But then I think they saw my personality, being more of a cultured guy, going to college, playing ball, things like that, just the kind of guy I am, you know, just be me — don’t try and focus on a nationality or an ethnicity or anything like that. Just be myself.
The entire interview is worth a look. Like I said it is fairly short too. It is always good to see these guys get some mainstream pub.