Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The State of The Shield

No RAW Review this week unless I tear myself away from WWE Network long enough to watch the entire episode.  Truth is, and this is no reflection on the show, I fell asleep for a large portion of RAW.  As a matter of fact I woke up once, started watching again, and then found myself on my couch at 2:00 AM.  What I did see was pretty a pretty good show and I was certainly glad to see The Usos take the tag straps from the New Age Outlaws.  The NAO deserves a bit of credit for actually trying to antagonize the crowd for a change.  Also Heyman and Lesnar were brilliant as usual.  Kudos to WWE for trolling the Chicago crowd with Punk's theme.  As much as I hate to see Mark Henry destroyed like that it's WrestleMania season and Lesnar's taking on The Streak.  Sacrifices must be made.  Enough about the rest of RAW that I watched though.  I want to talk about The Shield vs Wyatts 2.

This match was a glorious mess.  It was the epitome of a chaotic scene and worked wonderfully for the story it told.  Seth Rollins starting the match so hot earned him the praise of several people on my message boards.  Some of these were people who said things like, "He made a believer out of me."  His early rally was excellent.  It also gave us the first issue for the Hounds of Justice when Ambrose inadvertently caused Rollins to fall off the top rope.  The Shield's lack of cohesion showed throughout the match because WWE, to their credit, has gone to great lengths to show us that The Shield typically runs like a well-oiled machine.  One of the color commentator, Lawler or JBL, even said as much at one point late in the match saying something like, "Usually The Shield is like a textbook on tag team wrestling, but not tonight."  That's not the exact quote, but that was the gist of it.  Had The Shield not been so consistently presented as the ultimate team the end of this match would have fallen flat. 

As far as the end goes, it was logical and made a ton of sense.  Seth Rollins has been called the Architect of The Shield and has been playing peace-maker between Reigns and Ambrose for some time now.  I had no issue with his tough love approach for his brothers in arms.  Someone on WCMB pointed this out and I kind of hope it's true, you could really use that match on Monday night as a way to keep the unit together to be honest.  Reigns and Ambrose did come together and start working as a team once Rollins forced their hand.  The numbers game was obviously too much, but you could very easily show The Shield as a team that has found a renewed spirit of unity.  As much as I like the idea of Roman Reigns toting around the WWE World Heavyweight Title I must admit that keeping them together might be the better move for now.  The fans are already getting behind them in that cool heel/tweener type role and their matches are often the absolute highlight of WWE programming aside from maybe Daniel Bryan.

Since my Roman Reigns" Breaking The Shield piece I must admit that I've really warmed to the idea of keeping them together.  Will WWE do so? I doubt it, but I really hope they do.  There's a lot left in the tank of that team and WWE is better off having them in my opinion.  Only time will tell, either way I'm going to enjoy the ride.

"Believe in The Shield."

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