Monday, March 24, 2014

Starrcade '84: Dusty vs Flair for the NWA Title

Thanks to the wonderful thing that is WWE Network I just watched Starrcade '84 for the first time.  I had seen parts of many Starrcades via YouTube or renting them at Key Video in Fayetteville, GA when I was a kid.  I honestly don't believe I had ever seen a single thing from Starrcade '84 until today though.

The show was honestly not terribly exciting in general, but the main event was inexplicable.  I shouldn't say that I guess.  I'm sure it doesn't take a lot to figure out what was going on behind-the-scenes to give us a finish like that, but it was bad.  I'll save spoilers for after the jump....

Now I'm not clear why boxing legend Smokin' Joe Frazier was a special guest referee for Starrcade '84, but his placement there is what is used to give us this wonky finish.  Basically, Dusty starts bleeding above his eye.  Frazier continually checks the cut until he calls the freaking match off.  What?!  THAT's the finish you wanted to do in the main event?  Terrible job, I think.  It gets even weirder when they do the backstage interviews and Dusty Rhodes is cutting a promo on how wrestling isn't boxing (which is fine) and then goes on to tell Joe Frazier to watch his back (odd angle to use for celebrity involvement.

Anyhow, I was really disappointed in Starrcade '84 and the main event was by far the biggest problem.  As a follow-up to this post I'm going to do some research on the build and the follow-up to that show and find out some explanation for that particular booking decision.  I'd be fascinated to know why they went that direction because I did not care for it at all.

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