Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hot Take: Bobby Heenan is a Genius

Obviously this isn't a hot take, but rather an obvious one.  While watching WWE Network and seeing a ton of classic Heenan helps remind you exactly how brilliant he was whenever he was in front of the camera.

 I mean without even getting into the one-liners you have the absolute silliness of him riding the camel backwards into Caesar's Palace at WrestleMania IX or trying to check out the ladies at WCW Beach Blast '95.

As far as great lines go his reaction before and after Shawn Michaels turned his back on Marty Jannetty is up there.  Heenan's commentary is absolutely hilarious every time I watch it. 

Anyhow, watching all this Heenan has reminded me of his greatness. Listen for it when you're watching old WWE and WCW programming. The Brain really was the best.

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