Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drake Younger and the WWE

So as of last night, Drake Younger has been signed to a development deal with the WWE and will be heading down to Florida.  Congrats to him.  What makes this one interesting out of all their dealings, is that he is a wrestler more known for his hardcore/deathmatch style, his reputation was built on it especially in his feuds with Sami Callihan in CZW.

For those that don't know him or his work and expecting to see someone like the Necro Butcher, dont, he's more of an in-shape Tommy Dreamer, good solid wrestler, but more known for the hardcore style.  And that's not a bad thing.  Plus when I mention the comparison to Tommy Dreamer, they're also very similar character wise, he was one of the top faces in CZW like Dreamer was in ECW.  Difference being that Drake has worked on his craft in other places, notably moving out west and working in promotions like PWG and AIW, which will definitely hurt with his loss.

And while as a fan of both promotions, I'm sad to see him go, it does open up a spot for another hungry indie wrestler to step up their games, earn themselves a more prominent spot and open the eyes of many fans and promoters, just exactly like Drake Younger has done. 

So again, congrats to Drake.

As an aside, it's interesting that CZW, while getting crapped on by a lot of the internet fans for the shows they produce, has had more talent looked at than other highly acclaimed promotions. 

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