Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unpopular Wrestling Opinions

Stealing an idea I saw on which was stolen from Reddit's Squared Circle.  The premise is that you simply share your unpopular opinions about professional wrestling.

Here goes...
  • Eddie Guerrero didn't do a whole lot for me.
  • Chris Jericho is vastly overrated.
  • Ronnie Garvin was an underrated NWA Champion.  That one Norko actually shared on A1, but we have discussed that before and we both like Garvin more than most.
  • Related to that The Garvin Stomp/Orton Stomp is a cool move.
  • This one shouldn't be unpopular but man probably disagree...I enjoyed The Rock's return run.
  • I didn't enjoy Zack Ryder, I do however acknowledge his ability to get himself over.
I'm drawing a blank on some others at this moment, but there is one last one that needs to be said.  This is how I shared it on A1:
    Here's one for a lot of wrestling fans and just people in general, not everything was better "back then."

    You see this mentality a lot on boards geared towards old school fans. According to them WWE does nothing right and hasn't. Not only that everything was awesome and there were no awful workers, stupid angles, etc. "back in the day."
That is just a tiresome smarmy mentality I've seen a lot of lately. The condescending nature that usually accompanies it is awful as well.  Believe it or not I'm familiar with old school wrestling and I can appreciate that and the modern product.  It doesn't have to be one or the other.

Anyhow, that's all I have for now.  I'm sure more will come to me as I discuss wrestling in my usual spots online.

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