Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RAW Review 2-10-2014: An Episode That Was Just There

Not a huge fan of last night's episode of RAW.  I didn't even Live Tweet (@S_ATL_Wrestling) like I typically do.  I have been really high on RAW lately, but this episode was just kind of there for me.

Randy Orton was good in the opening segment.  It didn't feel like anything we haven't seen before, but Orton turning into a straight-up brown noser for The Authority is amusing.  His whole relationship with The Authority is interesting in general especially when you consider their history together.  Nice touch having Daniel Bryan bring up that very thing by the way.

The six-man tags on RAW and SmackDown have been a heck of a lot of fun for a while now.  The Wyatt Family vs The Brotherhood and Rey Rey was no exception.  That running Sister Abigail's Kiss after the blind tag was epic.  Even with The Shield splitting up I'd like to continue to see fun six-man tags in WWE.  It's a nice way to give us good matches without having to recycle some of the same old tired singles matches or giving away singles and tag matches you'll see on PPV.

Speaking of The Shield I thoroughly enjoyed them on RAW as I typically do.  Roman Reigns calling out Ambrose so aggressively in that interview was a bit over-the-top for my taste, but his and Rollins' reaction to Mark Henry accepting Dean's challenge was on point.  I'm hoping that after Rollins' interference we see Dean successfully defend the title a few times with The Shield being banned from ringside.  That will give us the opportunity to see Roman Reigns accept the open challenge some week.  I think people will go ballistic if Reigns comes marching down that aisle to challenge Ambrose for his US Title.  Nice touch doing the Royal Rumble hype package for Reigns too.  He's going to be a huge star and as much as I hate to see The Shield break up I think a solo Roman Reigns will make the decision worth it.  The showdown with The Wyatts was perfect and showed Roman to be the biggest badass in the arena at that moment.  Absolutely loved it.

The main event was a solid match.  I know everyone has Cena vs Orton fatigue, but the match itself was good.  That being said I try not to get wrapped up too much in my own wrestling rules, but having your WWE World Heavyweight Champion lose non-title matches on RAW two weeks in a row is just not a good plan.

Ultimately, this RAW wasn't as good as more recent ones, but there was nothing terrible about it.  As said previously it was just kind of there for me.  I hope next week's is better and I anticipate it will be. 

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