Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair Turns 65

My favorite wrestler of all-time turned 65 today.  The great "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is celebrating his birthday.  In honor of Slick Ric's birthday I have a story to share. 

On the way home the guys from Archer and Bell with John Michaels were doing their typical segment covering celebrity birthdays and mentioned Flair turning 65.  The co-host of this show is former Atlanta Falcons QB and current Falcons analyst Dave Archer.  He said during his playing days in Atlanta a teammate of his (I can't remember who he said it was) took him down to the legendary Omni in Atlanta to see the wrestling show.  They are sitting in the second row and Flair was in a match against someone.  Anyhow at some point in the match Flair started with his trademark chops on his opponent and suddenly he shouts, "THIS ONE'S FOR DAVE ARCHER!"  Now Arch wasn't even a fan of wrestling but it sounded like he got a kick out of Flair's shout out.  What he didn't know was that his teammate new Flair and setup that namedrop before the show.

That story just randomly got dropped in my lap on the way home, but I thought today was the best time to go ahead and share it.  I wrote this two years ago when I listed my favorite all-time wrestlers.  Ric came in at number one and honestly no one else was really close.  I closed that piece with the following quote:
Much like with Magnum TA, it is important to point out that Flair was THE mainstay of my 6:05 Saturday night wrestling experience. That is also part of why he holds a special place in my wrestling fandom.
This is very true.  Some of my favorite memories as a young man revolved around wrestling and watching it with Dad.  Of course at the time I hated Ric Flair but as I smartened up I recognized his greatness.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday to the Nature Boy.  I'm sure he's partying like no one else can.  

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