Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Friday! Cesaro Edition

"The Swiss Superman" Cesaro certainly appears to be on the rise  For that reason and because I loved his initial WWE theme I have chosen "Miracle" as our It's Friday! song of the week.  Now I dig his current Real Americans theme too, but this one was awesome from the start for Cesaro as well.  I was not familiar with Cesaro's work prior to WWE, but I've been a believe in the guy for a while now.  I'm glad to see the WWE hype machine get behind him now.  That is great news.  His match with Zayn at NXT arRIVAL was phenomenal last night as well.

I've personally got a busy weekend ahead of me, hopefully y'all get some rest and relaxation. Enjoy your weekend no matter what you are doing.

Upload Credit:  TripleFlipKick360

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