Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crowd Hijackings

It used to be that uncooperative crowds were the exception and not the rule.  Recently with the unrest related to Batista, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan's YES! Movement it seems to becoming more common.  Their certainly doesn't seem to be any consensus on whether this behavior is appropriate or not.  Here's how I look at these situations...

The YES! Movement is absolutely a legitimate form of crowd participation.  It is something the fans are doing to back "their guy" Daniel Bryan.  When I'm watching a show and the YES! chants start it never fazes me whether Bryan is currently out there or not.  To me, they aren't as self-serving as the idiotic What?! chants which should have died out when Austin quit using that gimmick.  YES! to your heart's content folks.  It's a great form of crowd participation.

CM Punk chants are a bit different, but ultimately I sign off on these too.  Again it's at least in support of a wrestler you like and not some idiotic way to put yourself over as a smart fan or a self-indulgent one.  Now what I don't get about this whole CM Punk situation is how many fans are 100% behind him considering he walked the day of a RAW.  I mean I get it in that he's "your guy" but I'm willing to bet if you replaced CM Punk with Rock or Orton you'd respond completely differently.  That's neither here nor there though.  If you're a Punk fan knock yourself out I suppose.  Chant to your heart's content.

While I think Batista has unfairly become the poster boy for Daniel Bryan's "lack of push" or "burial" I also can't really find fault with trashing the guy if that's what you want to do.  I got a kick out of the back and forth between The Animal and Randy Orton this week.  Orton looked legitimately tickled at one point when he was telling Batista that the fans didn't like him.  Fair or unfair you bury this guy if you want to and I've got no problem with it.  This next scenario however....

On Monday night I posted the following on SAW's Twitter account:

The "Husky Harris" chants are the epitome of self-indulgent, smarky crap I hate at wrestling shows.  I mean you've got Bray Wyatt out here delivering in every single way and you want to show people how funny and clever you are by chanting that at him?  GTFO.

To be clear, I believe people can and should do whatever they want and I bristle at those on the Internet who seem to live to tell everyone else what to do.  I just have a hard time trying to enjoy a show when these knuckleheads get loose and want to chant for announcers or do the Husky Harris thing.  It's rage inducing to me.

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  1. Sure they're smarky, but, I do believe if they're good at what they do, they can eventually overcome that, such as how Bray has.