Saturday, February 15, 2014

Check out WCW WorldWide

If 6:05 Saturday night on the SuperStation TBS was a big deal to you then you need to check out WCW There is a ton of great content over there from magazine scans, catalog scans, eBay finds, etc.

Their purpose is stated as such, "A place that celebrates everything about World Championship Wrestling -- "Where the Big Boys Play"™

One of the first ones that caught my eye from a Retweet on Twitter was this cool "The Evolution of Sting [1988-2013] post. That post of course chronicles all the different looks that The Man Called Sting has used during that time period.

Recently there has been a lot of content geared towards gamers about WCW vs the World, WCW/nWo Revenge, WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder for example.  The arcade style games left a lot to be desired like Nitro and Thunder, but ignorance is bliss so we thought they were OK back then at least. 

Not related to WCW WorldWide, but this is as good a time as any to tell the story about my encounter with a Best Buy cashier when I purchased WCW Thunder.  I was a student at what is now Clayton State University.  At the time it was probably called Clayton College & State University.  Anyhow, I went over to the old Best Buy in Morrow.  The one that was closer to the now abandoned Toys R Us and Burlington Coat Factory not the current location closer to Truett's, Home Depot and Target.  Well I go pick up the game and make my way to the register where I am greeted by a young redheaded cashier with glasses.  Don't remember much else about her, but she was cute enough.  

Here's where my lack of charm at that stage of my life comes into play.  I should add that I was in a relationship at the time so it isn't like I messed anything up here.  On to the conversation (skipping the typical greeting, etc.)....

Her:  Why do you play these video games?

Me:  Well, I'm in college and it's a good way to blow off steam...

Her:  Well that's why you get a girlfriend.

Me (slightly irritated):  Yeah, I have one.

The conversation wraps up and I'm put out by this girl.  I get home and tell my girlfriend how this girl acted and she said, "She was flirting with you."  I stopped and played it back and realized she was right.  This girl wasn't insulting me as if I couldn't have a girlfriend.  She was being a bit forward and trying to figure out where I was at in that regard.

Like I said, I was a dumb young man as opposed to a dumb 35 year old man.  That was my purchasing WCW Thunder for the PSX story. 

So back on topic, I have really enjoyed checking out WCW WorldWide and seeing the old merch, great photos, etc.  Check out the website at and follow them on Twitter @WCWWorldwide.  Also check out the Facebook page as well.