Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WWE Top 10: Surprise Rumble Entrants

If you follow me on Twitter or discuss wrestling on A1-Wrestling.com or Wrestling Classics Message Board you will know that I'm not a huge fan of some of the talking points coming out of the Royal Rumble.

The one that irritates me the most is the "X was in the Royal Rumble, but Daniel Bryan was not."  If you're upset that Daniel Bryan wasn't in the Rumble I totally get it.  Arguing that it's somehow more offensive because Torito, Rusev from NXT or Kevin Nash got in is not a winning argument in my mind.  This Rumble really wasn't different than any others with a couple of surprises whether it be a comedy entry like JBL or a WWE Legend like Kevin Nash.

With that in mind I saw this Top 10 Surprise Rumble Entrants video on WWE's Official YouTube channel and thought it was a pretty good look at some of the better surprise entrants over the years.  Number three really kills me because I should have bought tickets to that one.  That Royal Rumble was held in Atlanta's Philips Arena.  Unfortunately I didn't even look into tickets but I would have loved to been in the building when that guy made his return.

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube channel

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