Friday, January 24, 2014

The Man Called Sting and the WWE

It's that time of year where the "Sting to WWE" rumors typically start.  This year the rumbling seems louder than ever.  My intention isn't to discuss whether he's coming in or not though.  I'd like to take an opportunity to answer the question, "Do you want to see Sting in WWE?"

My answer is "Yes, absolutely."  Why?  One of the biggest things is it would allow Sting to get the send off that he deserves.  That sounds odd when you think that he has never competed in WWE to this point of his career.  Think about this though, WWE basically owns his history.  The only major part of Sting's history they don't own is his TNA run.  While I give TNA credit for treating Sting like the legend he deserves we can acknowledge that the real highlights of his career are from the NWA to WCW days.  WWE owns all of that footage. 

Beyond that I have said that Hogan returning to WWE would be awesome because they can make him seem like a bigger deal than TNA did.  In Hogan's case that is obviously in part because of his history with WWE.  The other aspect though is that WWE simply does a better job making their legends and superstars feel important than TNA ever has.  Even if WWE brings Sting in to do very little (which I'd be on board with) the presentation of Sting and his career will be so much stronger than anything TNA could ever dream of accomplishing.

For those reasons alone I am excited about the prospect of seeing the Stinger in WWE. 

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