Monday, January 27, 2014

Roman Reigns: Breaking The Shield

Last night's Royal Rumble added further fuel to the fire that Roman Reigns may be breaking away from The Shield and sooner rather than later.  I am really on the fence about this.  All three members of that trio are excellent in their role and I would like to see bigger things for all of them.  That being said The Shield really is a great act and I'm kind of hesitant to see it ripped apart.  With all that out of the way let's take a look at how this may go down and how I think it should go down.

As I already said I like Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.  I like all three a lot, but Reigns is my clear favorite from the group and has been since they first arrived on the scene.  The first thing that will be interesting is whether they even temporarily attempt to replace Reigns in the group.  Assuming that Rollins and Ambrose stick together for some period of time I could see them bringing in new muscle.  Some have complained that it just wouldn't be the same and I agree.  Bringing in a new third wouldn't be an attempt to recapture the magic in my eyes.  It would, however, be a logical progression of the storyline.  It would also allow you to tease Reigns/Rollins and Reigns/Ambrose a bit longer if someone else is put in Roman's way.  While we are at it though I certainly hope The Shield stays together as a two-man unit at least for some period of time.  Ultimately I'm going to assume that all three will be broken off as singles and go their separate way. 

Back to Reigns though, I think one thing is most important to me.  Reigns is a Certified Hoss.  That being said I have zero interest in him tearing through Ambrose and Rollins in a handicap match.  What I would do is have the numbers game continually work against Roman until he has to find an ally to even the score.  Think in terms of Dusty Rhodes having to reach out to Ole Anderson or Dick Slater in order overcome and adversary for example.  Those are magical moments.  The desire to have faces continually overcome the odds robs us of those great scenarios where a Roman Reigns forges and uneasy alliance with a former enemy.  A good recent example of this was when Orton turned face and helped John Cena.  They did a good job playing it that Cena wasn't 100% convinced Orton was legit.  It made sense and I like that a lot.  I'd like to see the same here with Roman Reigns.  Speaking of Orton....

 Another concern with a face Roman Reigns is whether they will CM Punk him or not.  What you cannot do here is strip away everything that makes him great in order to present him like a smiley babyface.  I mention Orton because he did a good job of this when he last turned face.  His character didn't just become some high-fiving goofball.  He was still a bad dude, but like Ole Anderson's face runs he just had a different person he hated.  Mark Henry is another example and he's been on both sides of it.  I've seen face Mark Henry be way too happy and nice, but they've also had him keep more of his edge this time around.  There's more than one way to be an effective face and WWE would be wise to remember that.

My last issue is a minor one, but I'll be very curious as to what Reigns ring attire looks like.  The tactical gear look of The Shield really works for those guys.  As for what he wore in NXT I wasn't really impressed.  Hopefully they come up with something good.  I always preach this in life and in wrestling, but the little things do matter.  It may sound silly, but something as simple as ring attire can make a big difference.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts/concerns.  This time of year really is magical as we head down The Road to WrestleMania.  Roman Reigns and The Shield aren't the only thing I'm excited about, but it is currently at the top of the list.