Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rare Greg Valentine Hasbro Figure shared a story about a rare Greg Valentine Rhythm & Blues Hasbro figure. Much like Mattel's Magnum TA figure this one was advertised, but never released. Apparently the prototype is actually 1 of 1.  The story included even involved IWC favorite Zack Ryder.

I love stories like this.  It seems to me I recall a Mattel Jeff Hardy figure that was supposed to be part of Elite Series 1 that was discontinued when he left WWE.  From what I recall a couple of these made it out to the market and have sold for big bucks on the secondary market.

Check out the article for pictures of the Greg Valentine figure, a discussion about it and a scan of an old Toys R Us ad that was included in an WWF Magazine that shows the Greg Valentine figure along with other WWE products.

If you don't want to click the story, I will go ahead and tell you the guy paid $13,400.00 for the figure including shipping and insurance.  The grading itself cost another $1,000 or so.  Basically this cost this gentleman roughly $15,000.00.  Incredible.

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