Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FFA: NFL Looking to Kill the Extra Point

There has been a ton of discussion about the NFL possibly eliminating the extra point.  I, for one, could not be happier with this decision.  Even on the Internet I figured that football fans would universally like this move.  Boy was I wrong.  Several viewed it as unnecessary tinkering with something that wasn't broken.  Some saw it as Roger Goodell simply messing more things up.  The most reasonable point I heard on it was that there should be no gimmes in the game of football.  "Earn every point!" this guy said and I can actually appreciate that standpoint.

To me though the extra point needs to go.  It's a waste of time and when I looked at the numbers I think 48 were missed in the last five or six years.  The success rate is well over 99% and I'm willing to trade the fluky scenarios we've had in the past where a missed one really makes a difference for not having to bother with this nonsense further.

Another gripe I heard was that the way the rule was suggested made it sound as if points would be deducted if you lined up for a two-point conversion and failed to get it.  The idea being that you were awarded seven points for the TD and would only get six if you missed the two-point conversion.  I figure that's all in the mechanics of the actual rule they put in place.  The way I'd do it would not involve any deduction of points ever.  You score a TD, you get six points.  At that point the coach either lines up for two to get to eight or he forgoes that option and is awarded the seventh point.  It's a slight difference, but at least that scenario avoids the sight of taking a point off the board which is how Goodell's proposal sounded.  I should say that's how it was portrayed at least.

This is tinkering that makes sense and I hope the NFL makes it happen ASAP!

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