Monday, December 23, 2013

The Assassins talk about Ole's turn on Dusty Rhodes

A discussion about "Fake Assassins" on WCMB made me seek out some footage of the legendary tag team. One of the first hits was this brief promo in the aftermath of Ole Anderson's turn on Dusty Rhodes. If you don't recall Ole had aligned himself with "The American Dream" for about a year before getting in a cage match with his partner, Dusty Rhodes, against The Assassins. Wrestling Is Fake has a solid summary of those events if you'd like to take a moment and refresh your memory or learn about one of the great heel turns in wrestling.

The promo itself isn't anything mind-blowing although I think this type of promo would be far more effective in this day and age than the long-winded script reading we get from WWE. The video from the close of the show is a nice bonus for watching.

Upload Credit: popculturestu

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