Thursday, December 26, 2013

My LJN WWF Figure Christmas Story

The first LJN figure I got as a gift was Hulk Hogan.  It was the original one that came with the WWF Title belt.  That was pretty exciting, but below I am going to share one of my favorite Christmas gift stories.  I don't believe I shared this here before (I haven't checked), but I did share it in a WCMB thread about the Remco AWA action figures.

The only one I ordered through a magazine (I'm guessing) was Demolition Ax. I had to have that figure.

The Jake "The Snake" Roberts one was my favorite. I still have all of mine and they are all out of the packaging, but Jake is still in perfect shape.

There's a nice little story that goes along with that one actually. Here goes...

We saw Jake's figure at the Circus World or whatever it was called in Shannon Mall when I was however old. I of course wanted the figure right then, right there. Mom had other ideas. So I put the figure on my Christmas list for Santa. Christmas came and went and I didn't get him. I got a lot of great stuff but I was bummed that I didn't get him and I remember me and Mom even talking about it. Then Mom's cousins from Memphis came to town and they gave me a Christmas present. It was Jake "The Snake" Roberts of course. They found it up there way and picked it up for me. I was beyond excited. It was a Christmas miracle so far as I was concerned.

Of course later I found out why Santa didn't bring that particular toy and Mom told me she had gone back the next day to Shannon Mall to pick Jake up, but he was already gone.

So, that's my dorky LJN Christmas story.
There it is, the story of how I got my Jake "The Snake" Roberts figure.  A picture of the figure in question is below.  As you see I still have him and he's in perfect shape.