Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More thoughts on WWE 2K14

As mentioned here before I picked up WWE 2K14 on its release date as I typically do.  In another typical development I absolutely love the game.  Since the game has been released 2K has also released two of the three DLC packs.

The nWo pack was excellent in my opinion especially since I will always be a WCW guy at heart.  The second DLC gave us Big E Langston which was a major plus, Fandango and Summer Rae which matters much less to me.  It also gave us a ton of new moves including the Inverted DDT.  The Inverted DDT is exciting because it is a correct version of the Scorpion Death Drop which has been missing for years in the series.  The one that most CAW creators have used for Sting is setup by picking your opponent up to place them that way in front of you.  Now you can hit it on an opponent who is standing in front of you.  It's great.

The last DLC pack due out in January will be nice because we will get Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Bruno Sammartino among others.

The addition of the Rivalry Mode in WWE Universe isn't perfect, but it greatly enhances that mode.  I have gotten away from my dorky spreadsheet to some degree.  For one thing, I no longer concern myself with faces vs heels.  I don't bother changing anyone's alignment from it's default setting.  I do use the spreadsheet to keep my shows and stables straight however.

Anyhow, I'm far from unbiased, but if you're on the fence about this game I highly recommend you pick it up.  Tons of fun even if you are slightly cool on today's WWE.  Lots of opportunities for customizations or at the very least you can use and push the guys you want to see on top of WWE.  Let's put it this way Triple H and John Cena aren't in my main events. 

Check out WWE 2K14's News page for more information on DLC, etc.