Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Damien Sandow's Failed Cash-In

Am I a big fan of Damien Sandow's failed cash-in attempt on last night's Monday Night Raw?  No, I'm not.  That being said the angle needs to play out a bit more before I can come up with a solid opinion one way or another.  This is fitting considering my call for patience in the Daniel Bryan vs The Authority storyline.

Let's break it down further here, I liked Sandow's vicious streak and it was right in line with his character.  To me, it was kind of a nice callback to his debut.  The arrogant, above it all guy who would snap, beat his opponent viciously before composing himself and becoming the Intellectual Savior once again.

Clearly I am no fan of Cena, but he was good last night as well.  The first interesting thing to me was that Cena initiated the contact once Sandow had said his piece.  John Cena is an upstanding warrior and probably should always be one.  Typically there are two issues with Cena.  A major one is when he's goofy and it hurts the tone of the segment/angle/whatever.  That was not the case last night.  We got a serious, fired up Cena who didn't come across as he was trying too hard to be serious.  The second thing, which admittedly isn't his fault, was the Super Cena booking.  That we got in spades and it was really disappointing. 

Why was the Super Cena "overcoming the odds" so disappointing? The first part was I was really interested in seeing World Heavyweight Champion, Damien Sandow.  Sandow failing to cash-in was not my main gripe though.  I think failed cash-ins add realism and unpredictability to the gimmick honestly.  The problem was that once Cena took that type of beating on an injured arm it was absolutely ridiculous to see him come out with the win.  If we are supposed to take Damien Sandow seriously at all, he should be able to beat a one-armed Cena.  Had they not gone so over-the-top with the beating before the match I would have far less an issue with Sandow's failure.

Ultimately, I don't think this was a horrible match or angle at all.  The match was good with great drama.  I just didn't care for the finish.  What I hope to see is Sandow make a nuisance of himself until he gets a rematch and hopefully the strap down the road.  Will it happen?  I don't know, but I will be disappointed if it doesn't.  What I do know is that John Cena is far less interesting when he continually overcomes the odds.  I certainly hope WWE has something better in store for us than that. 

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