Saturday, September 28, 2013

Roman Reigns at Georgia Tech

It is fairly common knowledge that Roman Reigns played football at Georgia Tech (Joe Anoa'i DT #96) so I'm not posting this as if it is some sort of big secret.  What was cool about this was how I found this picture.

The AJC (my hometown paper) had a slideshow up on "Georgia Tech's uniform evolution."  A couple of things jumped out at me.  One is that I kind of wish they'd mix in the navy blue jerseys more often.  Two Georgia Tech is a really sharp looking team and lastly, "Hey, there's Roman Reigns."

Mike Zarrilli / Getty Images / Found on

The caption simply read, "Georgia Tech's 2006 uniform once again featured blue numbers with gold trim." For a wrestling fan such as myself I thought it was a pretty cool Easter Egg.

Another interesting thing is that while I was looking up some information for this article I saw that Reigns was named the Greatest No. 96 in Georgia Sports History.  This was part of the SB Nation Atlanta series where they were naming the best athletes by jersey number in Georgia history.

If you're curious about Georgia Tech's recent uniform history, check out the AJC slideshow.  Sandy Creek alum and current Megatron, Calvin Johnson is shown in an interesting throwback with a white helmet for example.