Saturday, August 10, 2013

WCMB Discusses: Ole Anderson

Ole Anderson really is one of the most polarizing figures in pro-wrestling.  The guys over on Wrestling Classics Message Board (WCMB) have engaged in some really interesting discussions about Ole.

The latest is Bobby Heenan on Ole Anderson which basically pits the universally praised "Brain" against the controversial Ole.  The guys discuss why they have heat with one another as well as The Anderson's importance at the top of the card in their territory.

Next we have a discussion of Ole's shoot interview with RF Video in a thread titled OLE, OLE, OLELUJAH!!!!!!!.  I am almost positive that particular shoot was discussed here previously.  It had that great moment where Ole couldn't remember all the details about the Black Scorpion, but was quite sure that it was Dusty Rhodes who screwed it all up!

Now here is my favorite.  This monstrosity of a thread was one of the best things I've read on WCMB.  Ole Anderson = the bitterest man alive? is the name of it and it is almost 20 pages of discussion about the man.  If you have any interest in Ole or The Andersons you need to check that one out.

Like I have said before, I find Ole interesting due to his outspoken nature, his success in the ring and his success and failure in the creative realm.  Also, I have said before that he was a guy that I didn't appreciate like I should have when I was seven or eight.  He really was truly great though and a large part of the Horsemen's success.