Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Logic Behind Daniel Bryan vs the McMahon Family

This was already touched on in the RAW Review for this week, but upon further reflection more needs to be said about the Daniel Bryan/McMahon Family feud.

Fans of old-school wrestling are often painted as bitter old guys who never see anything positive in the current product.  The typical "things were better in my day" type of fan.  There is some validity to that in some circles mind you, but I believe it is overstated.  I also believe that often they are 100% right in their criticisms of the current product especially as it relates to logical consistency. 

That being said, in some of the discussions I've had with this type of fan I think they are missing the boat on this feud.  To me, there really isn't a ton to gripe about with the logic behind the McMahon Family "screwing" Daniel Bryan.  Stephanie's "B+" promo really drove that home for me.  To me there is nothing that is unbelievable about a corporation balking at a certain guy becoming the face of their organization.  The fact that Stephanie went on to add that Daniel was a "valuable asset" illustrates the point.  This wasn't painted as some simple, "Let's screw the little guy" type of angle.  There is a subtlety there that is often lacking in the modern product.  Again, what is unbelievable about a corporation wanting a  particular type of individual as their top guy?  Nothing at all. 

As for their chosen "face of the company," does the fact that Randy Orton has multiple Wellness violations mean he can't be that guy?  Nope, Wellness violations are not part of the story they are telling.  That deals with Randy Orton the individual, not the Randy Orton who competes on Monday Night RAW.  Now I know most fans are just posting that for kicks, but I think it is worth mentioning.

Ultimately I just do not see the logical flaws in this scenario that some are seeing.  The McMahon Family is basically saying, "Look, we like you, but you don't fit our image as a top guy."  That isn't some far-fetched villainous plot.  That is something that plays out in all walks of life daily.  Personally, I think WWE deserves some credit for the layers they have given this story.  The fact that Daniel Bryan is only going to grow in stature in this role is worth mentioning as well.  If done right, Daniel Bryan is going to become the folk hero that CM Punk could have been when he took the belt home with him.  In that case WWE got impatient.  In this case I fear many of us are being impatient.  Hopefully the payoff is worth the wait.

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