Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ted Dibiase, Jr.

Everyone surely knows by now that Ted Dibiase, Jr. has left WWE.  When the news broke there were all of the predictable discussions/talking points:
  • Bland, no charisma, glad he's gone.
  • He should have been utilized better.
  • Remember when he was the "better half" of Legacy?
 I got to thinking about it and I fell in the, "It's amazing to think that at one point HE was supposed to be the star out of the Dibiase/Rhodes duo."  I liked Ted Jr and also thought that more could have been done with him.  For one I don't think Legacy got the run it deserved.  They got more of a The World's Greatest Tag Team backing up Kurt Angle run than a legitimate run on their own. The way the split with Orton was handled left a lot to be desired as well.

His Million Dollar Man Jr run was something that I think many of us thought would really work for him.  I cannot say that lived up to my hopes though by any stretch.  The pairing with Maryse fell flat, Virgil at his side did as well.

Then we got the Dibiase Posse.  Now that was a gimmick that was kind of cool, but I seem to recall injuries derailed that.  Fun idea for a face gimmick and a quality "every man" deal too.  I would have liked to see more of that.  It's interesting to point out that he actually got a shirt out of that one as well.

No one asked me, but here is what I think would have been good for Ted.  It is a hybrid gimmick of Million Dollar Man/Dibiase Posse gimick.  That's right, my old, "Rich Southern frat boy" gimmick.  Take the tailgating aspect of the Posse gimmick, take the arrogant throwing my money in your face aspect of the Million Dollar Man and go from there.  It may have been "too regional" but I still think people would react to a smarmy, arrogant young man who "was born on third base thinking he hit a triple" as 790 the Zone's Mike Bell might say.

As it stands my Southern frat boy gimmick is but a dream, but I think Ted Dibiase is the guy who could have made it work.

Best of luck to him in whatever he does next.  

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