Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RAW Review: Daniel Bryan playing Mick Foley

Only saw bits and pieces of RAW last night, but here's some thoughts on what I saw.
  • The last segment with Orton/Cena/Bryan vs The Shield was excellent.  Orton teasing a cash-in just to have The Shield start making their way back down to the ring was pretty sharp.  Building the tension between Orton/Cena/Bryan worked really well.  The Shield being portrayed as a force to be reckoned with is always nice.  As they entered with their titles I told my wife that they need to drop the straps.  As I've said before, The Shield doesn't need the belts and they do nothing for them.
  • Daniel Bryan out there with the slick hair and Vince talking about making him a champion he could get behind reminded me of the old Corporate Champion deal with Mick Foley.  BTW, it's a damn shame what they did to Wade Barrett's beard.
  • "The Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt was awesome yet again.  I seriously love every single thing about that gimmick.  Kane's promo was fine and I'm glad he used "The Devil's Favorite Demon" line.  I dig that.  The feud with Kane is fun, but I'm not as enthused about the Inferno Match aspect of it.
  • CM Punk whiffing on the gum swat was hilarious as was his reaction to it.  Little things like that are why he really is "The Best in the World."*
  • My only regret is not seeing all of the Punk/Axel match and especially the Lesnar/Punk brawl.  I will track that down.
Due to my divided (at best) attention I can't really say much about the show as a whole. There are a lot of intriguing things going on heading into SummerSlam though such as Cena/Bryan with Orton lurking, Kane vs The Wyatt Family (with Kane's movie looming) and of course Best vs Beast with Paul Heyman looming.

*OK, maybe not, but it was a nice touch.  He is The Best, but that isn't why is what I mean.

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