Monday, July 15, 2013

WWE MitB: The briefcases belong to...

Damien Sandow and Randy Orton.

Two excellent choices in my estimation although I was surprised that Daniel Bryan did not walk away with the WWE Championship Contact.

Let's take a look at the World Heavyweight Championship Contract winner, Damien Sandow first.  This guy has been excellent since his debut.  His friendship with Cody Rhodes has been a highlight of the tag division even while we all have wanted to see Team Rhodes Scholars get bigger and better opportunities.  It looks like our "Intellectual Savior" has the first opportunity to take a big step forward.  One complaint I have read is that he has lost far too much to suddenly be taken seriously as a title contender.  That does not bother me that much to be honest.  Due to the nature of the Money in the Bank stipulation it is perfectly fine that Sandow has not been dominant.  Now what can be a bigger problem is how he is handled from this point forward or after a successful cash-in.  A guy like Jack Swagger was completely wasted in that scenario unfortunately.  Hopefully Damien Sandow avoids that fate.

The bigger surprise was Randy Orton taking the WWE Championship briefcase.  He was a guy that seemed to be there just to help the match live up to its All-Stars billing.  Orton is very popular, mind you, but he also has not been given much to do lately.  I certainly did not anticipate him being the guy to walk out with the briefcase.  That is for sure.  Hopefully this is leading to a heel turn for The Viper.  If it turns out that Cena and Orton are on a collision course, I have no issue with this.  We are pretty far removed from the never-ending Cena/Orton feud from years back. 

I am a big fan of the Money in the Bank gimmick.  It seems to me that WWE has made two smart choices with the winners of the matches last night.  Now they just need to let the angle play out in a satisfying manner.  I certainly hope they are up to it.

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