Thursday, July 11, 2013

TMZ: Liev Schreiber Not Playing Chris Benoit

Apparently rumors were out there that Liev Schreiber would play Chris Benoit in the "Crossface" biopic.  These rumor have been shot down by Schreiber's people however.

I find this interesting because any time I've pondered a possible Benoit film I have had a difficult time thinking of any famous actor to play Chris.  When I saw this, I realized that Schreiber has a pretty good look to play Benoit.

As for the film itself I might see it if made, but I cannot say that I really want to see the film made at all.  The subject matter is far too disturbing for me.  That sounds odd on the surface considering entertainment choices that I make.  The issue, for me,  here is that this guy killed his wife and kid....and I was a HUGE fan of him up until that point.  He was entertaining as could be, a feel-good story of a guy we rooted for to make it to the top and an absolute professional...and he killed his family.

That is just hard for me to wrap my head around. 

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