Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Wyatt Family's Debut

They've "always been here" but the Wyatt Family made their in-person debut on RAW last night.  The execution lived up to the premise if you ask me.  The vignettes primed the pump really well for their eventual debut later in the show.  Luke Harper's "Don't stray." to the WWE reporter was well-done and really creepy for example.  Erick Rowan creepily repeating "Obey" to himself in his room was also excellent.

As for their in-arena debut, I really dug the lantern aspect of the entrance.  All lights off with Bray leading his family out there with just the lantern? Perfect.  Bray sitting in a rocking chair while Harper and Rowan destroyed Kane? Better than perfect.

The only issue with their debut at all was the Baltimore crowd.  Well, the segment of the crowd that chose to chant "HUSKY HARRIS!" at Bray Wyatt.  Listen crowds, it's not clever, you are not the show, don't be tools. 

So far so good for the Wyatt Family.  I sincerely hope creative can keep the momentum going.  If so, they could have something special on their hands. 


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