Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RAW Review: I fell asleep

The title isn't supposed to be making some sort of point about last night's show.  Unfortunately, I did not make it through this episode of RAW as I was dealing with a six year old's shenanigans.  Due to that there will be omissions in my review, but I do have some thoughts on the show.  If I get around to catching the rest of the show there will be a follow-up at some point.
  • Hype Videos--The hype videos were excellent last night.  
    • The Mark Henry one did a phenomenal job of putting Mark over as the menace that he portrays.  It was also a nice touch showing him throughout his entire career.  Now many of us know that Mark Henry wasn't exactly splitting wigs for the entirety of his WWE run, but that video accentuated what a bad man he is.  Good work by the production crew for that.
    • The production crew also deserves a ton of credit for their short looks at the WWE and World title lineages.  I really didn't have an issue with the revisionist history as it relates to the World Title lineage.  Instead I was glad they gave props to guys like Thesz, Race, Rhodes, Flair, Sting and Booker T for being great champions.   Being a "WCW Guy" this should not surpise you.
  • The Shield vs The Usos and Christian--Fun match and a nice way to advance the tag title program.  Previously I wrote that I was curious how a Shield title reign would be handled and I'm ready to say that titles add nothing to that act and they need to go ahead and drop those straps.  I have no issue with The Usos, I just wish they had been treated better earlier on in their WWE runs.
  • Cesaro--Still a hoss, interested to see where his alliance with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger goes.  I am big on three of them and enjoy the "We The People" act.  Hope it keeps running strong even if they are transitioned into the tag ranks.
  • Champion vs Champion match--Did not see the match so all I can say is that I am against the idea of a non-title champion vs champion match being thrown together on free TV.  Hopefully the match itself was good, but even if so I detest the premise.
  • Opening Segment--I strongly dislike this type of segment.  The only redeeming feature was that they had Punk point out the absurdity of it (while taking part still).  Orton's got to be turning I think and I'm OK with that because they have legitimately committed to his face turn long enough that this should mean something.
  • WHAT?!--It's tired, stop doing it stupid crowds.
  • Ryback vs Miz--Weird...that's all I can say.  Will have to see where it goes from here.
Tweet of the night goes to Lance Storm (@LanceStorm):

That is what stood out to me from the parts of RAW I saw last night.  I sincerely hope that I am able to focus on the show next Monday.  If so, I'll have a RAW Review RIGHT HERE...at South Atlanta Wrestling *cheap pop*.

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