Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RAW Review: Daniel Bryan's Gauntlet

Let's jump right in with a look at RAW last night. I am going to approach this in a random thoughts format

Was not a huge fan of Jack Swagger taking a quick loss like that, not even to Daniel Bryan, but the Cesaro/Bryan match made up for it. Cool finish too with the reversal.

Ryback being sent out as the final test for Bryan wasn't exactly what I hoped for, but it was inoffensive. Ryback appears to be the exact opposite of Daniel right now. I mean has anyone cooled off faster than him? The Miz took a pretty rough tumble, but Ryback just doesn't seem to matter at all.

Mark Henry getting the save from The Usos was really cool. It's really enjoyable when The Shield's plans don't work out and they get frustrated. Reigns getting wrecked by Henry was a nice moment. I loved the announcers putting over what a bad ass Henry was last week because he was.

Has Kane followed the buzzards? It appears so and I am beyond interested in how that plays out.

Punk and Heyman were awesome...as usual. The Best vs The Beast? I think we can all get into that.

There was other stuff of course, but really what I am most interested in is the interaction between Cena and Bryan. It is a nice touch to play up the respect angle between the two, but I have to wonder if Cena "little brothering" Bryan is going somewhere. I sincerely hope that WWE isn't stupid enough to turn Bryan. Likewise, I have no reason to believe they will turn Cena. The "little brother" setup might be a nice way to add a bit of an edge to the story though. We will have to see if Bryan shows any frustration with it in the coming weeks.

Decent show, it's nice to see Daniel Bryan get the opportunity to shine. Let's hope that momentum continues to build.