Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mark Henry vs The Shield

John Wayne famously said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” This is part of what makes a hero. WWE Creative has missed this point over the years by having their top faces continually overcome the odds and completely neuter the bad guys.

This is why I enjoyed the Mark Henry/Shield segment from RAW so much.  First, it was an excellent way to turn Henry face which I would assume is the goal here.  Second, Henry took a beating yet still looked like the bad, bad man he is.  The announcers mentioning that he should "get out of there" only accentuated the bravery in his decision to stay and fight.  A hero need not overcome the odds, a hero simply needs to be willing to fight the good fight and that's exactly what Mark Henry did on RAW.

Now the execution of the segment deserves a lot of credit as well.  The visual of The Shield streaming down the aisles is always a good one.  Contrasting that with Mark Henry standing there awaiting their arrival was a great showdown at high noon moment.  Even the face Henry made when he first heard The Shield's theme was great.  Once they arrived I liked the touch of Henry taking a shortcut by throwing his coat into Reigns' face.  It illustrated the dire situation he was in.  The Shield quickly getting the better of The World's Strongest Man was logical as well.  Henry continuing to struggle was a great sight though and when Reigns finally put him down with a Spear it was absolutely brutal looking.  The Triple Powerbomb was the icing on the cake.

What did this accomplish?  Well, it reiterated what a threat The Shield is.  While I am not a fan of them holding the US and Undisputed Tag Titles, I am high on the group.  They need to be seen as a menace that is lurking out there ready to dish out their form of justice.  As for Henry, it doesn't matter if you are turning him or not but it made him look like a bad dude by being willing to fight and by handling himself so well.  It will be interesting to see what the next step in this story is, but as far as Monday night goes WWE hit a homer with this one.

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