Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FFA: Sports Video Games

Do you prefer realism/simulation or arcade style sports games?  For me, the answer is both.  After giving this more thought I realized that it seems to depend on the sport itself.  Now in some of these cases I really enjoy both types, but usually there's one I like better than the other.

Baseball--I was a huge fan of the MLB Slugfest series.  The over-the-top play and simplicity of the game appealed to me.  I will take this over a simulation style baseball game 9 times out of 10.  I did enjoy the MLB 2K12 demo I downloaded on PSN though.  After that I downloaded The Bigs 2 and I probably like it just a bit better.  What is interesting about baseball games for me is that the RBI series from the Nintendo days still holds up well for playability in my opinion.  Technically that was a sim, but looking back it feels more arcade-y due to the simplicity of it.

Conclusion: Arcade

Basketball--Again, I don't dislike the sims here like NBA Live.  Basketball lends itself to more of an arcade style game for me though with entries like NBA Jams and NBA Street.  NBA Street is really underrated to be honest.  I didn't even know a version came out for the PS3, but once I found out I tracked down a copy.  It's NBA Street: Homecourt if you are interested.

Conclusion:  Arcade

Football--No offense to NFL Blitz (which was fun), but I want a simulation style football game in the vein of Madden or preferably NCAA Football.  Due to the recent licensing change we will be getting College Football '15 next year by the way.  The NFL Street games were fun as well, but the sims still get the nod.

Conclusion:  Simulation

Hockey--Haven't played a ton of either, but the old school NES Ice Hockey is still my favorite.  I downloaded a 3 on 3 demo from the PSN that was fun, but I really enjoyed NHL 10 which was given to me as a gift.  Now I never put enough work into it to really get the ins and outs of the game.  The game was still a lot of fun to pick up and pay from time-to-time.

Conclusion:  Simulation

I haven't bought a soccer game since the Sega Genesis days, but through demos I have been exposed to newer ones.  The sims were surprisingly fun since I don't follow or watch soccer at all.  FIFA Street was probably the one I enjoyed the most though.  Fast-paced, more scoring and less clutter on the screen in a more tightly defined space.
Conclusion: Arcade

That's my list. Right now I am looking to pick up some type of baseball game. Hopefully I will bring one home tomorrow if my used-game hunting goes well. As usual I would be interested to read thoughts on your preference of sports games. Leave a comment below or touch base with the contact information provided here on SAW.

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