Friday, June 14, 2013

Will WWE pull the trigger on Daniel Bryan?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a "Daniel Bryan guy."  What I mean by that is he wasn't someone I was familiar with before he arrived in WWE.  I had tracked down a couple of his matches and though they were fine, but I never thought his style would translate to "the big stage."  None of this is meant as a knock on him, it's just to explain that I wasn't in that crowd that was dying to see Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan and/or CM Punk in WWE.  I certainly wasn't in the boat that said those guys should be pushed to the moon when they got there.  As I said before I didn't think any of them really had what it took to translate to the WWE style especially at the top of the card. 

Well, I was obviously wrong.  CM Punk has already stamped his ticket of course and made me a huge fan in the process.  Daniel Bryan was someone who was entertaining, but still just a guy on the roster to me.  That is until recently.  Now I think the Team Hell No thing has run its course, but at some point it is painfully obvious that the crowds absolutely love Daniel Bryan.  The reactions he gets are astounding.  It's not just the smarky crowds that respond to him.  Everyone loves the guy.  WWE SuperStars are gushing about his in-ring talent on Twitter as well.  Ziggler and Jericho being two I specifically remember talking about his talent.  Someone on one of the wrestling boards I frequent pointed out that he could also fill that Rey Mysterio gap.  He's a guy the kids love in part due to his size and mainly due to his charisma.  Find a way to enhance that connection and the sky is the limit with DB.

Bryan was entertaining as a heel with the World Heavyweight Title, but I think it's time he gets a full-on face run with one of the big belts.  He has entered possible "face of the franchise" territory if the live crowds are any indication.  It's time to let him do his thing at the highest possible level. 

Daniel Bryan has made a believer out of me.  Let's hope that WWE is serious about giving him a top level opportunity.  If they are we are witnessing the birth the next hug star.

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