Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RAW Review: Let's hug it out

Decent episode of RAW last night especially as it relates to the in-ring work.  Two angles really stood out to me.

I really liked the opening with Daniel Bryan's promo leading to the Orton confrontation which then gave us the thrown out match.  Good chaotic scene that came across well as an open.  The main event match between the two delivered as well which is not a surprise at all.  Bryan's win came across as a big deal and the crowd was solidly behind him (and Orton as well).  Continuing to tease an Orton heel turn is a nice slow burn.  They have committed to Randy Orton's face run well enough that his turn should really matter which is the name of the game.

The other interesting aspect of the show as CM Punk's discussion with Paul Heyman.  Both guys were phenomenal which comes as absolutely no surprise.  The fact that they are going this direction with it really surprised me in a good way.  I was sure that we'd have a full-fledged Heyman/Punk split after last week's RAW.  Instead we get a quality back and forth between the two mic men and a reconciliation.  Now we all know where this is heading or we think we do at least, but this should be a fun ride.  Adding Curtis Axel to the mix makes sense and is an interesting twist as well.  This is especially true once you saw Punk's reaction to his help.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it was a solid RAW.  Not as good as last week's by any means, but a good show.  WWE seems to be getting out of the post-WrestleMania slump and I am glad to see it.

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