Friday, June 7, 2013

Randy Orton on working heel or face

I have long said that Randy Orton is better used in a heel role.  I have actually advocated a return to that role for him for quite a while.  Where my position differs from many is that I do actually enjoy his face work as well.  Orton was on the "Busted Open" satellite radio show discussing several things, but the most interesting was his thoughts on his current run.
"Well, the more over I can get as a babyface, when I turn, the bigger the heel I’ll be. So if they wanna keep me a babyface, I’ll just keep doing my thing. And keep my five or six or four, whatever it is, moves. Keep them crisp and see what happens. But right now, being the good guy, it’s cool. Because they’re digging it."
To me, that is the exact right attitude.  It also speaks to the idea that it is often best to let these things simmer before flipping a guy one way and then another.  At this point Orton seems to have really embraced the fan favorite role.  If he turns in the right situation his next heel run could be magical.  It is all about making the fans feel truly betrayed.  Now I wish they had pulled the trigger on it sometime back, but I do believe it will be the worth the wait once they do.

The whole recap from DOT NET is worth a read.  Especially the part where Orton talks about him and Cena attempting to channel Ricky and Robert, The Rock 'n' Roll Express.

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