Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Is Paul Heyman scouting a third client?

"Is Paul Heyman scouting a third client?" was posted on yesterday.
Might there be another Paul Heyman guy waiting in the wings?

While CM Punk languishes in self-imposed exile and Brock Lesnar prepares to battle Triple H inside a steel cage, rumors have begun swirling that the mad scientist is looking to expand his ranks, and actively scouting for a third client inside the WWE locker room. The rumors are admittedly just that at this point, but the WWE Superstars and Divas are still abuzz over the possibility of Heyman's ranks increasing by one.
For all I know this is just one of those stories they like to post to keep the website interesting and maybe get a few extra clicks. If not, this could be an interesting story that will be playing out on WWE TV soon. I hope that this does make it to TV because if done right it will be intriguing.

Another thing I liked about the article was that it had quotes from superstars putting over the importance of being a Paul Heyman guy. That type of analysis is one of those things that modern-day wrestling is missing. It adds a small touch of realism to the product and is a welcome thing.

Whatever the case, needs to keep this up. These types of articles are interesting and are a nice addition to the onscreen product.

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