Saturday, May 4, 2013

WWE '13 Revisited

WWE '13 has and Injustice: Gods Among Us have been my games of choice for the last week or so on my PS3.  I had been playing Fallout: New Vegas exclusively, but wanted a break from that fantastic game.  Since I had purchased Fan Axxess and had downloaded all of the DLC for WWE '13 I thought I should give it another try with guys like Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro.  They were released in the last DLC pack when I had pretty much walked away from the game.  I also decided to revamp my WWE Universe, doing a full reset, and rework my rosters from what I had posted before.

At some point I will upload the full spreadsheet again like I did last time, but for now here is the premise of how I have booked my WWE Universe.
  • Shows
    • RAW
    • Smackdown
  • Titles
    • RAW
      • AWA World Title
      • WCW US Title
      • WCW Tag Titles
    • Smackdown
      • WWE World Title
      • WWE Intercontinental Title
      • WCW Tag Titles
  • Notable wrestlers
    • Antonio Cesaro is the AWA World Champion.  He is a fighting champion who isn't adverse to bending the rules.  He can be a tactician, a brawler, a street fighter, whatever he needs to be.  Always rough and brutal.  
    • Bret Hart is the WWE World Champion.  He is the head of the nWo which is comprised of Randy Orton (the heir apparent who was recruited into the group), Kevin Nash and his old friend Diamond Dallas Page.  Bret is obsessed with hanging onto the belt, he reached out to old nWo ally Kevin Nash because he knew he was losing a step.  He offered Nash one last shot at staying on the top by any means necessary.
    • The Road Warriors are the tag champions.  This is not a veteran Road Warriors team, but the Roadies in there prime.  They appear to be unstoppable.
    • Booker T is the babyface WCW US Champion.  Defending the belt proudly against anyone who wants a shot. 
    • Team Rhodes Scholar (Man, I hate that name) are the upstarts who want what the Road Warriors have but have been unable so far to do much of anything about it.  Of course it's a culture clash of epic proportions.
I haven't really fleshed out the rest of the roster or even checked how balanced it is yet, but that's the gist of what I have going on. Guys like Triple H, Undertaker and John Cena will be in play, but will not be top of the card types that I intend to use a lot.  Vader, Lesnar, The APA, Kane, Cactus Jack, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Sheamus and Shawn Michaels will also be used among others. 

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